Review Blog Dec 18 2019 The Girl, the Dog and the Writer in Lucerne by Katrina Nannestad . I got a midi 50ml which lasted 3 months, so the full should last around 9! Your bag will be emptied, do you wish to continue? Read honest … With a sweet, warming scent (think cinnamon-spiced pumpkin pie) this quick-fix mask wages three-pronged attack on loss of lustre – enzymatically eliminating pore-clogging surface debris which can compromise skin’s light-reflective capabilities – and ‘peeling’ thanks to AHAs, which melt the ‘glue’ that binds the uppermost layer of cells to skin’s surface and in turn, encourage repair and renewal processes. I use the mask about once or twice a week and leave it on for 5-7 mins. After one use this made my skin visibly brighter. It never damages skin which can cause breakouts. Perfect for multi-masking, this kit has everything you need to help exfoliate, purify, soothe and firm the look of skin. I bought this as part of a mini Cult Beauty haul when I had the £10 off referral code. Borne out of a personal quest to find products to target his personal skin concerns – blemishes, sun spots and wrinkles – every Peter Thomas Roth product is truly a labour of love, marrying the finest ingredients with cutting-edge science to deliver outstanding results every time. For best results I would recommend doing this mask then next day let your skin breath without any makeup on whatsoever. From skin care to make up, each of the beauty products is chosen by our world-class expert panel for its efficacy and stand-alone brilliance. I've tried a few AHA/enzyme masks, and this is by far my favourite; you can really see a glow after only one use, and my acne and hyperpigmentation are significantly lessened after a couple of weeks use. ABC Books/ Harper Collins, 2019. It literally eats out pores. I've finished an entire jar of this stuff and I'm ready to order another. Oct 20, 2015 - Explore Debbie Cables Hemphill's board "Health - Disease Remedies", followed by 250 people on Pinterest. Ideal whenever your skin’s a bit ‘meh’ – when make up sits strangely, or things look a little flaky and uneven – just apply a thin layer of this to clean skin, massaging gently with dampened fingertips before leaving for 3–7 minutes (depending on skin sensitivity). This is an active product that works! This mask, however, was an instant favourite. I have provided some notes on each mask below, so the reader can decide which aspects are pros/cons for them. Everything I've tried from it has been wonderfully effective, with something just a little bit different about the formulation and packaging. The PTR mask is nice but it didn't make a huge difference on my skin. They were good in that they kept things from getting worse. When I was younger and didn't know any better I used to exfoliate using such harsh products they were stripping my skin and, unbeknownst to me, making it much much worse. I have sensitive skin but have had a few expensive glycolic peels in salons so thought I'd try this. I have quite sensitive skin and this has never caused me irritation though I would recommend leaving it on for 4-5mins to begin with to see how your skin reacts before leaving it on longer. What I woke up to the next day was a nightmare. I have no idea what have gone wrong as I've done exactly the same as I was doing the first time, but it burned my face. [product:peter-thomas-roth-pumpkin-enzyme-mask-150ml/5oz] 150ml - Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask - Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer - 150ml One of my all-time favorite masks! I have very sensitive skin prone to blocked pores which I have tackled with my entire adult life. Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer. Includes the following bestselling masks: Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer, Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask, Cucumber Gel Mask Extreme De-Tox ™ Hydrator and 24K Gold Mask Pure Luxury Lift & Firm. After trying it for a while I have to say that it is overpriced for the results I have experienced. 1. If you aren't bothered about how products smell but rather what they do (the whole purpose), you are going to adore the results. First I tried it in a sample, then I bought full-size product 2 times because it does wonders to my skin. Have chemical peels done by professionals, people! ... especially after using the The Ordinary's red mask, but also after PTR's pumpkin enzyme mask. It does sting for about 30 seconds when I first put it on, but it's not bad and fades quickly. 10/10!! Very powerful and effective. Works so well, particularly when used as a regular weekly treatment over a period of weeks, months, etc. It helps even the look of skin tone and smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles—revealing skin that appears smoother, younger, and radiant. Well worth the price, you get a lot of mileage out of it. And amazing smell, yes! We're just asking to make sure we show you the products and brands that we think you'll be interested in. Leave on for 3-7 minutes depending on skin sensitivity and let the AHAs and enzymes work. My skin is usually sensitive, but it doesn't react negatively at all to this product. Everything about it, the texture, the smell, the ease of application. I couldn’t find information directly comparing the Peter Thomas Roth And Michael Todd Pumpkin Masks - so I decided to write review for myself. What Else You Need to Know: This mask addresses the look of a dull, aging complexion by exfoliating with pumpkin enzyme, peeling with alpha hydroxy acid, and polishing with aluminum oxide crystals. Most reviews mentioned a tingling sensation which i didn't even feel. Once your skin is used to it go for your life, you will work out a happy medium. Another huge advantage these masks have is the cost per use aspect. I got swayed by all the positive reviews, although I rarely have the time to properly put on a mask. Quick Look. Gentle, non tingling effect leaves the face smooth and even. I’d avoid if you have sensitive skin as I have combination that doesn’t break out but I can feel it tingling so for some skin types it might be too much. Peter Thomas Roth. referencing product code PTR049, Be first to hear about our latest launches Never miss out on exciting offers & competitions Gain expert advice for looking red-carpet ready... 24/7. Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Dermal Resurfacer ($58/5 oz) is a powerful exfoliating skincare mask that resurfaces the skin by manual exfoliation, chemical and enzymatic exfoliation. What it does do is leave my skin feeling super soft, like a layer of congestion and dirt has been ‘eaten’ away and super fresh. So after wanting to try this mask for years I finally took the plunge after reading up on the benefits of enzyme masks. peter thomas roth pumpkin. Rinse thoroughly. I was very keen to try this mask after watching it on ViviannaDoesMakeup and believe the hype because this mask is amazing. Makeup goes on 1000 times better too. This was such a GREAT surprise! I have always had clogged pores all over my T-zone and nothing has helped. It's pretty intense for the first few uses, but cleanses and exfoliates blackheads into oblivion without completely stripping my skins I use this once a week and a thin layer is completely sufficient-the pot will last me forever! If you suffer with texture issues this should definitely be on your wish list. I use AHAs on regular basis, therefore I didn’t experience any discomfort (just a slight tingle). It's a super active mask so you can definitely feel it working as it's a little tingly - I don’t leave it on for too long as I have quite sensitive skin but in 5-7 mins I see immediate results. $66.00 . This line is different. I am 24. A little goes a long way - I've used it about 6 or 7 times and the tub still looks full. The first time I used this I didn’t see too much improvement but I’ve stuck with it and continued to use it and I must say my skin is glorious for days on end after using this! One of the best facials around. Results which then continue to get better and better to the point I can't see myself ever going back to/trying anything else. And smells like Christmas in a pot! I agree with the other reviewers and would not suggest this for people with sensitive skin or people who don't think they could deal with the INTENSE tingling sensation. $55.00. I will certainly be buying this again!!! My stubborn pustule type acne on shoulders and chest significantly improved after 3 uses. you will be over the moon you have. I love this thing! Quick Look. This 5-piece kit is packed with cult-favorite masks for every skin concern, including a FULL-SIZE Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer, plus Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask, Cucumber Gel Mask Extreme De-Tox ™ Hydrator, 24K Gold Mask Pure Luxury Lift & Firm and Cucumber De-Tox ® Hydra-Gel Eye … I received this in a 50ml size as part of a gift set for a birthday present and have used it about 5 times already. I applied a thin layer and my face and it started to tingle but was a mild sensation. Worth absolutely every penny. This mask has changed my skincare routine, and I will forever be using this mask. Using once a week in my evening routine as it leaves my skin with slight redness and a definite tingling sensation. After deciding this had to stop I did my research and found out about this mask and have never looked back! I use it as needed, which is once a week at most and usually once a fortnight (and only where I need it - across the nose). Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask. My skin is left glowing, smooth and soft, and makeup goes on like a dream. I absolutely love this mask, a little goes a long way so you really get your monies worth. I don't scrub much "manually" as this can be very abrasive, I just let the mask do its work on its own and it's magic! And I’ve tried so many. To enjoy free shipping, enter promo code: Enzymatic, chemical and physical exfoliant in one, Peter Thomas Roth’s Pumpkin Enzyme Mask makes light work of virtually every common skin concern – from dullness to congestion, fine lines to tell-tale signs of skin fatigue – this innovative treatment works to recover skin’s vitality. Can't big this brand up enough. I use it for 5 minutes, 3 times a week. I bought this product in the hope to aid the healing of my post-acne pigmentation, dark spots, and sunspots and it really worked! The second time I used it, I was conscious of having a much lighter touch both when applying and doing the wet finger circular motions. What a mask. Mask-a-holics, it’s time to multi-mask and de-tox ™ the look of tired eyes! The peel is intense and you can definitely feel a burn but leave it on for 7 minutes (started with 4 to make sure it didn't irritate my skin and worked my way up) and honestly it feels like you have a new face. Quick Look. WHAT IT IS: A powerful mask helps address the appearance of a dull, aging complexion. I applied TONS of moisturiser every day for a week and avoided any products with acid/peeling etc. What a difference, my knees and elbows are smooth and the mask has helped with pigmentation I have in those areas. I’m so glad that I brought it. My skin is left baby smooth and obviously brighter. Firstly I would say this is good value for money as my 50ml looks untouched as you only need the thinnest layer as its potent stuff. Pumpkin Enzyme is also rich in antioxidants and Vitamins A, C, and E, which help nourish skin as it exfoliates. Heard a few good things about this mask so decided to bite the bullet despite the high price tag but it is 100% worth it. and can usually handle most stinging, this almost freaked me out. I leave it on for the duration of a shower and that's it. It will help with dullness, congested pores as well as aging skin. I was more gingerly with it during subsequent uses and found that it was amazingly with an intensely hydrating mask after (i.e: Origins Drink Up Intensive, PTR Blue Marine Algae) and my face felt so smooth, supple and just glowy. I love using Cicalfate or Peter Thomas Roth rose mask. Actually wrote a letter to the marketing dept. Once weekly followed by the PR rose stem cell = smooth face. Quick Look. When I washed it off I was left with flushed cheeks and a general "hot" feeling on my face. Quick shop. Ideal whenever your skin’s a bit ‘meh’ – when make up sits strangely, or things look a little flaky and uneven – just apply a thin layer of this to clean skin, massaging gently with dampened fingertips before leaving for 3–7 minutes (depending on skin sensitivity). Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer, Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Mask for Dullness, Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Uneven Skin Tone 4.6 out of 5 stars 606 ratings | 31 answered questions It has also changed colour slightly and became darker. I used this mask only twice. It really stings like nobody's business when I first put it on, thankfully it stops after a minute or 2. Well worth it for me though. It does smell like Christmas though, which I liked. shipping rates, schedules, methods and restrictions, Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer. The first time everything was fine, my skin was left smooth and kind of resurfaced. Peter Thomas Roth Products with Pumpkin Extract: Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer BREAKTHROUGH FORMULAS. See more ideas about health, health disease, remedies. I love Peter Thomas Roth products, and this is definitely up there with my favourites. Also you get loads of product as you don’t need to use a lot which is an added benefit! I usually apply it after a hot bath or shower, to open up the pores, and leave it on for about 7-10 mins. The cons are it burns while on (comparable to The Ordinarys AHA and BHA peeling solution) and is quite hard to wash off. By creating an account with our store, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses, view and track your orders in your account and more. This has a slight tingly effect but quickly wears off. This is one of the best face masks I have ever used (and I have tried many!). Multi-mask on the go with mini versions of bestselling essentials! I've been dying to try this for ages and read many very positive reviews. Got my usual skin back after using a mild face scrub (not a chemical one). . After 1 use of this mask my skin looks radiant and felt super smooth. Though it didn’t do much for my pesky spots, it smooths out skin like nothing else I’ve tried! I use it once a week, and it works wonders when combined with a steamy bath. My husband was really astonished. This 5-piece kit is packed with cult-favorite masks for every skin concern, including a FULL-SIZE Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer, plus Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask, Cucumber Gel Mask Extreme De-Tox ™ Hydrator, 24K Gold Mask Pure Luxury Lift & Firm and Cucumber De-Tox ® Hydra-Gel Eye Patches. Need help? Wow! Peter Thomas Roth - Pumpkin Enzyme Mask ($60 for 5.1 oz / 150 mL = $11.76/oz) The tub is huge and a little goes a long way, so if used once or twice a week it will last a long time. Use 1-2 times per week to maintain skin’s optimal lustre. Have had this for about a month now and I would not be without it! I decided to try this mask as my skin was tired and dry. Love it. This is a very good product. I like the packaging and the smell of this product too. $75.00. This is incredibly active, so could aggravate especially sensitive skins - although don't be alarmed if you experience a slight tingling/redness upon application - this is quite normal. I've now used this about 5 times and each time it has been slightly less painful. I have combination skin, dry cheeks & forehead with oily chin & nose. . Aluminium oxide crystals – the same crystals used in microdermabrasion – then polish dulled skin to perfection; stimulating circulation and purifying pores to leave your complexion looking flawless with a luminous glow and velveteen softness. Another mask which is beyond brilliant is the "Therapeutic Sulfur Mask", hopefully Cult take this one on board in the future. Shop the PETER THOMAS ROTH null range from our null department for a wide range of PETER THOMAS ROTH null | Available to buy online from ... PETER THOMAS ROTH Pumpkin enzyme mask 150ml . I have sensitive skin and this mask burnt my skin and irritated it. Going to stick to chemical exfoliation. For anyone else with very sensitive skin I'd recommend not to rub the mask in as it can make my skin very red and stingy, just leave the mask on for 3/4 mins and it works a treat! I have dry skin with congestion on the nose and chin areas. Using this is still cheaper than going to the spa. Cult Beauty is the insider’s guide to the world's best beauty products. One thing I would say is when applying, massage it on gently (it contains physically exfoliating beads), as the ingredients start working it warms up and feels mildly uncomfortable and if you have exfoliated your face with it while massaging it on this will be stronger. Also, I don't know if it was my reaction but the mask really heated up on my face. Fab. (94) This powerful, triple-action manual, chemical and enzymatic exfoliating treatment addresses a dull, aging, and congested complexion in three ways: exfoliates with Pumpkin Enzyme, reveals with Alpha Hydroxy Acid and polishes with Aluminum Oxide Crystals. Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask Pure Luxury Lift & Firm. | Inspired by my family’s 19thcentury Hungarian spa heritage, I use 21stcentury ingredients and technologies to create my complete skincarecollection. Water, Aluminum Oxide, Glycerin, Cucurbita Pepo (Pumpkin), Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Ascorbic Acid, Tocopherol, Lactobacillus/Pumpkin Ferment Extract, Retinyl Palmitate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Edta Edetate Discodium Dihydrate USP, Methyl Eugenol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol. Although I'm quite happy to continue using this, I'm not sure I'd buy it again as I have used better masks where the results are more evident. TL;DR at the end. I use this to zing up my skin rather than it being a relaxing mask experience if that makes any sense. ... they need something additional to help cool down the painful burning sensation we sometimes experience after peels or even just simple facewashing. The price is a bit up there, however from the amount I use and the size of the bottle I can firmly say it will last a long time. And if you using it according to instructions it is safe, and even my dry sensitive skin has no complaints. I love a facemask and especially one where I can see an immediate effect. After a couple of months of using the product my skin-tone was a lot more clear. No visible change but skin definitely feels as smooth as the baby's proverbial. But nothing could prepare me for how much I do love this mask. 4.6. Contact us Shop Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin’s Enzyme Mask Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer at Sephora. If not, please contact us quoting the reference below: A powerful resurfacing, revitalising triple-action treatment, Peter Thomas Roth’s Pumpkin Enzyme Mask stars nature-derived pumpkin enzymes to ‘digest’ dulling dead surface skin cells, alongside alpha hydroxy acids and aluminium oxide crystals to instantly enhance radiance, refine skin texture and unify uneven skin tone. I am really excited to find this product that is similar to what I was used to! Description PUMPKIN ENZYME MASK ENZYMATIC DERMAL RESURFACER (1.7 fl oz) This triple-action exfoliating treatment enzymatically exfoliates with Pumpkin Enzyme, chemically peels with Alpha Hydroxy Acid and manually polishes with Aluminum Oxide Crystals to reveal skin that appears smoother, younger, radiant and revitalized. I’ve barely made a dent in the pot since getting it so I’m sure it’ll last me quite a while :) Overall, very impressed and so glad I purchased! I haven't left a review in my life, ever! Loaded with real pumpkin puree and enzymes, the aroma of autumn encapsulates your senses and if you're anything like us, makes your mouth water. This face mask is going to last me a very long time, as you only need a tiny amount, so I feel this is incredible value for money. Hemp-derived Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Bisabolol and Ginger . It literally glows. I do this mask once a week after a hot bath so that my pores are open and penetrate the skin better. This is a peeling mask and it may leave you a bit irritated but it's gentler than any other peels around like The Ordinary AHA + BHA. If there is an account associated with this email address you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. It gives my skin an instant boost, super glowy and fresh faced, whilst unclogging all my pores and blackheads. This smells like dried prunes\apricots and there are granules inside. The second time was a nightmare though. This is really holy grail stuff! Might put some people off. My face was very rough and I had a burning feeling. This is a miracle!!! The first time I used this mask I noticed a visible difference - my complexion was smoother, brighter and cleaner. The smell is sensational and it leaves your skin super soft and fresh looking :) I would recommend this for any who has tired or dull looking skin. You’ll be opted in our marketing communications. I was glowing and I only needed a tiny smidgen to cover my face which I just took off the lid. Buy it. All in all a great mask that has a worthy place is my extensive mask collection. Borne out of a personal quest to find products to target his personal skin concerns – blemishes, sun spots and wrinkles – every Peter Thomas Roth product is truly a labour of love, marrying the finest ingredients with cutting-edge science to deliver outstanding results every time. This mask does exactly what it claims. My skin feels brand new after using it and I feel like my skin properly absorbs whatever I put on it next. You notice immediate results. $59.00 . It is suitable for all skin types and ages, as just about anyone can benefit from this mask! Add to wish list . This powerful, triple-action manual, chemical and enzymatic exfoliating treatment addresses a dull, aging, and congested complexion. I use it 3 times a week and it is phenomenal at helping buff away dry skin and unclogging pores - it also smells incredible! Mask-a-holics, it’s time to multi-mask and de-tox ™ the look of tired eyes! Try it, you won't be disappointed! You are left with such soft, luminous skin. It's a bit pricey, since but you get a lot compared with other brands, and you only need to use it a couple of times a week, it's definitely worth the splurge. Just try it! The first time I used it, I noticed a difference. It stings so much and my face is always bright red afterward. As with all AHA products, Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is a treatment that you *feel* working on your skin. This jar will probs last me a year. He could see the visible difference of clogged pores and empty pores. Size 5.1 oz | Item 2293486. I then decided to use it on my knees and elbows as I have dry skin and I'm a bit lazy to exfoliate.

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